Why Genius Energy?

Genius Energy lets you generate and consume your own renewable energy with your own solar generation capability on a Genius solar farm.


Buy your own generation capability at one of our solar farms.


Solar farms are located in optimal locations arounds Australia to ensure maximum generation.

invest or Consume

Consume the electricity at your home or business or sell and trade with other customers.

triple benefits


  • 15% p/a return  targeted on all generating units before tax
  • Puts money in your pocket
  • Lifetime of cheap electricity
  • Solar Units can be traded
  • Consume the electricity you generated


  • Zero carbon electricity
  • Carbon offset
  • Saves water and the environment by not using coal
  • Direct personal action on climate change


  • Become a zero carbon global citizen
  • Own your own Solar Farm 
  • Creates thousands of jobs in renewable energy industry
  • Secures your children's  future